What we do  

At Harden Associates we seek to safeguard your commercial interests at every stage of a project or programme, thereby allowing you realise a return on your investment. To support this, we place great emphasis on the development of commercial and management strategies, all overseen by strong levels of governance.

Our consultants support the driving of efficiency at every stage of a client’s project or programme by helping them to establish the right balance between time, cost and quality.


Our integrated approached to combining multiple strategies with financial and project performance data allows us to accurately analysis and predict a projects direction, and in parallel with this identify where risk resides and opportunity to extract greater value exists.


Services include:

  • Cost Estimating and Budget Forecasting
  • Change Management
  • Integrated Schedule and Cost Control Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Development of Bespoke Management Information Reporting packages
  • Risk and Contingency Management

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